Rohitashv Gour: We thought ‘Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hain’ would last not more than 3 months

‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!’ actor Rohitashv Gour credits the show for giving him success and experience to grow in the industry, adding that initially when it started, no one thought that it would continue for more than three months.

“When we started we thought, ‘Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hain’ would last not more than three months and now we are in our eighth year. The good part is that the comedy that the show works on is pure, nothing satirical or anything. It’s a story of two families where the men love each other’s wives.

“One of the reasons why the show has set a different kind of benchmark is because the dialogues and phrases are in Kanpuriya dialect and accent,” he says.

Rohitashv, however, does not relate to his character of Tiwari in the show. “I am much of a serious person,” he adds.

Another thing about the show is that the comedy does not get repetitive, according to the actor.

He praises the writers and also gives all the credit to the producers of the show.

“For the writers, it’s difficult to create a new concept because they have to keep evolving and bringing up new creative ideas to keep the audiences hooked to the show. Working with Sanjay Kohli and Binaifer Kohli has been a great experience, there has never been a conflict, and everything has worked out well even during Covid. I feel blessed,” he says.

The actor says that it’s good that not only young faces but middle-aged actors are also getting due recognition.

“It’s also a good thing that not only young faces can be lead, but actors at our age too can shoulder a show,” he adds.

According to him, a daily soap gives stability to a TV actor but still many are going towards OTT. He says: “It does but a lot of people have been moving towards OTT and ignoring this stability. I don’t want to judge anyone. But what I believe is that TV reaches every household. And that is an advantage.”

While talking about the difference in comedy in terms of what has been shown on TV, OTT, and films, he says: “TV comedy is a bit loud while OTT and films are more realistic.”




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