Romaana opens up on special bond with Bollywood lyricist Jaani

Punjabi singer-songwriter-composer Romaana unveiled his latest song ‘Mehrbaniaan’, produced by Jaani, Avvy Sra, and Jaydden.

Romaana, 26, was discovered by famous composer-lyricist Jaani in 2017 and since then he has been mentored by the ace lyricist, giving him the opportunity to be a part of successful songs like Arijit Singh’s ‘Pachtaoge’ and ‘Filhall’ by B-Praak. He has also composed the first stanza of singer-composer B Praak’s ‘Baarish Ki Jaaye’.

Talking about the inspiration of his latest release, Romaana tells IANS: “After I released my first song ‘Goriyaan Goriyaan’ in April 2021, I spent the majority of my time writing new songs, and ‘Mehrbaniaan’ is the result. I was getting a lot of requests to release more music and I had a bank of songs already in place. So we decided to put out this EP even though it is not a common concept in the Punjabi music industry.”

The first song that shares its name with the EP, ‘Mehrbaniaan’, is a story from the perspective of a helpless bride who is telling her toxic admirer to exit her life. The other three songs are ‘Khair Allah Khair’, ‘Kithe Reh Gaye’ and ‘Mann Dolje’.

He adds: “With ‘Mehrbaniaan’ I want the audiences to take notice of the fact that apart from singing, I can write and compose music too. This project is very close to my heart and inspired by real-life events. Lyrically, each song explores a different theme of romance, which I think the listeners will resonate with in their personal capacity. I wanted to try out something new in terms of music and a heartfelt thanks to Jaani, Avvy Sra, and Jaydden, for creating music that sounds so fresh.”

Romaana recalls his first meeting with Jaani and shares from there how their relationship took off. He tells IANS: “Avvy Sra introduced me to Jaani paaji (brother) in 2017 during a studio session. To my surprise, he already knew about me from social media. Since he was working on a couple of projects, he got me on board for playing the guitar on a few songs including ‘Hath Chumme’. After that, we started jamming regularly and slowly ended up where we are today. It is because of him I got the opportunity to be a part of record-shattering songs like Arijit Singh’s ‘Pachtaoge’, ‘Filhall’ by B-Praak, ‘Baarish Ki Jaaye’ and more.”

Romaana embarked on the journey as a solo artist with ‘Goriyaan Goriyaan’ under the production of Desi Melodies. The song was written and composed by Jaani, along with music by B Praak. He is credited as the lyricist of Jassie Gill’s successful song ‘Ehna Chauni Aa’ that earned him critical appreciation. The young talent has contributed to songs like ‘Haath Chumme’, ‘Sufna’ and ‘Qismat’ as well.

Desi Melodies is a music label owned by Jaani, B Praak, and filmmaker Arvindr Khaira.

He adds: “I clearly remember my initial meetings with Jaani paaji, I used to think ‘I am so lucky to meet him, he is such a big star’ but over the years, we’ve gone from star encounters to collaborating in the studio and developing a brotherly bond.”

Jaani is known for his work in Punjabi and Hindi music and has written numerous hit songs like ‘Mann Bharrya’, ‘Jaguar’, ‘Kya Baat Ay’, ‘Pachtaoge’, ‘Filhall’, ‘Titliyaan’, ‘Baarish Ki Jaaye’, ‘Filhaal2 Mohabbat’.

Romaana shares his association with Jaani: “Work-wise, it is a massive flex to have myself associated with a legendary artist like him, and just being with him in the studio is such a great learning experience. Even today, it feels surreal at times when people reach out to me or our team asking to meet/talk to him once. That’s when it sinks in, the whole world is looking for Jaani paaji and I am fortunate enough to be under the same roof as him.”

The EP ‘Mehrbaniaan’ is released on Desi Melodies YouTube channel.