New Delhi, March 9 (IANS) A hilarious video is doing the rounds on social media which shows football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo shaking hands with invisible fans as he made his way to the stadium, leaving netizens amused.

A Twitter user @FutbolBible shared the video with the caption, “Cristiano Ronaldo shaking hands with ‘invisible’ fans before the game tonight against Inter Milan. This is quality.”

The viral video shows Ronaldo exiting the team bus and then proceeding to ‘shake’ hands. At the end of the video one can see him with a cheeky smile. So obviously, the post went viral and social media has been abuzz with reactions.

A user wrote, “The video ends before he shakes hand with Messi and Mbappe.”

“Should take precautions and avoid handshakes, how did no one tell him about corona?” asked one user.

A post read, “It’s not…things are serious and his ignorance does not make it funny…the fact his elitism and narcissism are on display are not a joke for half the world who are nervous about the virus.”

A user remarked, “What a man… Just doing it because he can. Unreal player, even better human.”




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