Rose Leslie applied her marriage lessons for ‘Time Traveler’s Wife role


Actor Rose Leslie’s upcoming movie is the ‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ and Leslie says her own marriage to Kit Harrington and the stability of it really helped her make her character in the movie more convincing.

Speaking about the role, Rose Leslie said, “I think being in a relationship and knowing that you have a supportive partner can only lend itself to feeling more secure in in yourself, and therefore, hopefully, kind of growing together into two people who are more anchored.”

Leslie plays the role of a sculptor (Clare) who has to stay without her husband for long stretches of time. Her husband ‘Henry’ has a strange genetic disorder, which causes him to involuntarily jump back and forth in time.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ star married Kit Harrington (her co-star from ‘Game of Thrones’) in 2018 and the actress said that in real life there were limits to her patience.

When the actress was asked about true love, Leslie said, “I think there is a time limit on that… twenty years is a long time to wait.”

The actress said this to ExtraTV where she came along with her co-star Theo James, who plays the role of her husband, Henry, the time-traveler in the series.

Leslie also said that they worked hard to make the series more detailed than the 2009 movie version which starred Eric Bana as Henry and Rachel McAdams as Clare.

Speaking about the series, Leslie said, “We have more time to kind of delve into the characters and who they are and the kind of intricacies that they then have with one another.”

Talking about what else she wants to do during the year the actress shared that she wants to spend some time husband Kit and “hunker down and be with their boy.”

Actor Theo, who plays Henry said that his marriage to Ruth Kearney influenced how he played Henry.

He said, “I definitely think being married having children, having, you know, being a little bit hopefully older and wiser that enables you to inform a story like this. I think it would have been harder, for me at least, to play this part when I was younger because I was too much more of the younger Henry, you know? I recognised the kind of young, dumb, impulsive guy, and I remember him, but I feel like I’m less him now, even though I still make those mistakes, but then I’m old enough to know that I’m kind of heading in the direction of, you know, just being a bit more relaxed in myself.”

Theo added further that the nudity in the show is essential to the plot. Speaking about it, Theo said, “What we wanted to do was make the time travel feel as urgent and as dangerous as possible when he travels, it’s not for fun, it’s because it’s an affliction, it’s a disease, and he gets thrown around in time and he lands in a place he doesn’t know where he is, he’s got no clothes, he’s physically exhausted, he’s sweating, he’s got to kind of survive.”

‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ is streaming on HBO Max from May 15, 2022.


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