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Rottweiler roaming free attacks dog and owner out on morning walk

Despite repeated warnings by various state governments, dog lovers continue to keep Rottweilers, a very aggressive breed that poses a threat to children, other dogs and even adults. A recent case of a Rottweiler attacking a smaller dog and its owner came to light from Ghazipur on Friday.

A dog owner, Aman Tiwari claimed that his dog was attacked by a Rottweiler and he was also attacked by the dog when he intervened. A case was filed with the Ghazipur police station on Thursday by Tiwari after that.

The incident took place when Tiwari, an advocate by profession, was taking his pet Beagle for a morning walk near Arvindo Park.

Suddenly, the Rottweiler, which was unleashed and roaming freely, attacked Tiwari’s dog, inflicting severe injuries on its hind legs.

Tiwari said that the Rottweiler’s grip on his dog’s hind leg was so tight that he got terrified and he struck the Rottweiler with a stick twice. The aggressive canine remained undeterred and did not let go of the Beagle’s leg.

“After the second strike, it turned towards me, but I narrowly escaped,” Tiwari said.

However, the Rottweiler managed to inflict a serious injury on his dog, tearing a chunk of flesh from its right hind leg.

Tiwari immediately rushed his injured dog to a veterinary clinic for treatment, where stitches were applied to the wound. He also lodged a complaint with the police, citing negligence on the part of the Rottweiler’s owner, a woman, who was reportedly engrossed in a phone call and failed to control her dog.

Abhinav Verma, animal welfare officer of the Lucknow Municipal Corporation, said that he was aware of the incident.

He assured that an investigation would be conducted, and appropriate action would be taken as per the rules.

Verma cautioned pet owners against keeping Rottweilers in small living spaces.



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