Row over Paswan picture, Ambedkar statue: Uncle blames Chirag

After Chirag Paswan and his mother Reena Paswan were evicted from the 12 Janpath bungalow in New Delhi, Union Minister Pashupati Kumar Paras blamed his nephew for ‘throwing the photograph of Ram Vilas Paswan and the statue of Bhimrao Ambedkar’ on the road to get political mileage in Bihar.

“It was a political stunt by Chirag Paswan on who’s direction the photograph of Ram Vilas Paswan and a statue of Baba Saheb was thrown on the road and he asked his employees to shoot the video and make it viral. Chirag Paswan and his mother had taken away important and expensive items in a truck. If it would not be the case, why the photograph of Chirag Paswan along with Ram Vilas Paswan and Reena Paswan was not found on the road,” Paras said in Hajipur.

Paras also showed sympathy for Late Ram Vilas Paswan. “I am feeling more pain than anyone else. My elder brother resided in that bungalow for 30 years. It was like my home. For me, Late Ram Vilash Ji is my god. I keep his photograph in my house and eat food only after worshiping him. I do not show off like Chirag Paswan does,” Paras said.

“Chirag Paswan is now realising his political capacity. He has no support at the ground level and it was proved during Tarapur by-election when his candidate had got only 5,200 votes. Tarapur Assembly constituency comes under Jamui where he is currently a member of Parliament,” Paras said.

“During the Assembly elections, we had suggested to him that LJP fought under the umbrella of NDA in the Lok Sabha elections and we should fight Assembly election in the same way but Chirag said that he would not be the coalition partner of Nitish Kumar. He wants to send Nitish Kumar into jail. Now, everyone knows the result,” Paras said.

“In October 2021, Chirag Paswan called me to the 12 Janpath house and said that there is a difference of blood between him and me in the presence of Prince Raj. I told him on the same day that you are not my nephew and I am not your uncle any more,” Paras said.

Earlier, Chirag Paswan blamed Nitish Kumar and Pasupati Kumar Paras for conspiring against him.

On April 2, an unverified video went viral on social media late on Saturday showing the Ambedkar statue and photographs of Ram Vilas Paswan on the road after the eviction from 12 Janpath bungalow.




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