RS Chairman calls for democratic space for productive session

Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu on Monday urged members to follow rules so that the winter session can be productive and the house does not have to witness unruly scenes as was seen during monsoon session.

Naidu urged all sections of the house to ensure “democratic and parliamentary space” to enable a productive winter session and lamented the failure on the part of all concerned to introspect over the unruly incidents during the last monsoon session and commit to do the needful to prevent their recurrence.

Naidu said this during his observations in the house on the first day of the winter session on Monday.

Noting that some members were not present during the commemoration of the Constitution Day on the November 26, he referred to the people opting for democracy for peaceful socio-political and economic transformation of the country, and said: “Accordingly, the Constitution prescribed dialogue and debate in the legislatures for negotiated pathways for development based on the will of the people conveyed in succeeding elections to the Parliament and state legislatures”.

Stating that disruptions and unruly conduct of some members during the last monsoon session continue to haunt all, Naidu urged the members to draw right lessons from it as all sections of the house and the country ended up as losers from the derailed monsoon session.

Referring to the highs and lows witnessed during the last 11 sessions presided by him over the last four years, the Rajya Sabha Chairman urged the members to create “democratic and parliamentary space” in the House so that all issues can be taken up.

He said: “Each one of you can raise any issue in an appropriate manner and unequivocally express your point of view, if only we create space for that instead of din in the House. There is a certain scope for that kind of a democratic and parliamentary space with collective will. I look forward to manifestation of that spirit during this session.”

Naidu referred to the turn of events during the closing moments of the last monsoon session and noted that responses of the leading lights of the house and all concerned were not to his expectations.

“The treasury benches wanted a detailed enquiry into the conduct of some members during the final two days of the last turbulent session. I have tried to reach out to the leaders of various parties. Some of them made it clear that their members would not be a party to any such enquiry. Some leaders, however, expressed concern over the way the functioning of the house was derailed and condemned the unruly incidents. On my part, I was expecting and awaiting the leading lights of this august house to take lead in expressing their outrage over what had happened during the last session with assurances of introspection and spirited efforts to prevent recurrence of such incidents. Such assurances by all concerned would have helped me in appropriately handling the matter. But unfortunately, it was not to be”.



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