RTI activist now booked for demanding Rs 50L from banquet hall owner


The Gurugram Police have registered a case of extortion against RTI activist Harinder Dhingra for demanding Rs 50 lakh from a banquet hall owner three years ago, out of which the accused had extorted Rs 5 lakh from the victim, the police said on Tuesday.

On Monday, the police had arrested Harinder Dhingra and his two sons — Tarun and Prashant — for their involvement in a property loan fraud amounting to Rs 15 crore.

According to the police, about three years ago, Dhinga had demanded Rs 50 lakh from a person running a banquet hall near Sukharali village in Gurugram by putting pressure on him.

At that time, Dhingra had even threatened the victim that he will have to pay Rs 50 lakh, otherwise his banquet hall will not be allowed to run.

“The victim had told Dhingra that he had just renovated his banquet hall, and hence he couldn’t shell out such a big amount and gave Rs 5 lakh to the accused instead. But Dhingra continued to put pressure on the victim to extort the remaining amount,” said Subhash Boken, spokesperson of Gurugram Police.

The victim reported the matter to the police at Sector 17/18 police station on Tuesday.

“A case under relevant sections of the IPC has been registered against the accused. The complainant also said that he could not file a complaint at that time due to fear and pressure of the accused. The alleged RTI activist had also extorted monthly payments from businessmen and officials,” Boken said.r/arm