‘Runaway Lugaai’ actor Ruhii Singh wouldn’t like to run from her wedding


She is not as dramatic in real life as the characters she plays on screen, insists actress Ruhii Singh, seen lately in the comedy web series “Runaway Lugaai”.

She makes the confession when you ask if she would ever run away from her wedding, as her character Bulbul does on the show.

“I am not that dramatic in real life. The kind of character I play in reel life, I am actually quite opposite. I wouldn’t like to run away from mine or anybody’s wedding. Also, I have no plans to get married,” she assets with a short laugh.

Talking about her character in the show, Ruhii told IANS: “Bulbul is a strong-headed, ambitious girl. She does not take no for an answer. She is very confident, stubborn and has temper issues. It was a fun character to play.”

As India battles the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and people are mostly confined within their homes, Ruhii believes that her latest release might just give the much needed comic relief in these depressing and stressful times.

“I truly believe that right now when people are at home, they must watch the show with their entire family, it will entertain them. It is important to stay positive, try to watch lighthearted things, we will get through this together,” she said.

How difficult was the experience of shooting amid the ongoing pandemic? “The series was mostly shot before the pandemic. Whatever patchwork we did later was done with all precautions,” Ruhii informed.

“I believe it is an uncertain time for everyone, not just actors, technicians and film industry people but the entire world. All one can do now is pray and hope,” she added.

“Right now safety should be our number one priority, we should take precautions because everything else can come back but not life. It is important to stay home and use the time to reflect upon life, read books and watch web shows,” Ruhii concluded.