Rushad Rana: OTT the reason cinema is shifting gear from being aspirational to real

TV actor Rushad Rana is currently seen as a coach in the ongoing OTT youth drama “Puncch Beat 2”. He says he relates to his onscreen character because the role has traits that he shares in real life.

“He is passionate and dedicated. He isn’t into competition and number games but that doesn’t mean he is not fond of his craft. I am the same. Also, there is the fact that both of us are called Rana,” he says with a laugh, while speaking to IANS.

Rushad has essayed the quintessential teacher in a number of youth shows like “Kaisi Yeh Yaarian” and “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai”. He feels his character as a coach is poles apart from what he has done before.

“In Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, I played a music teacher and in the other show I was depicted as a literature and drama teacher. So, those were softer characters. This time it’s different as I have been shown as a boxing coach. It is a bit more serious and intense. I am the underdog here. The other characters I played were livelier and lighter,” he says.

He goes on revealing about getting into the skin of different characters: “I follow the script like the Bible and thus it is not difficult to bring the character on screen.”

Rana feels that the scenario of cinema is changing and stories are successful in reaching the audience and depicting the reality of society.

“Cinema in general has been shifting gear from being aspirational to being real, and OTT is one of the biggest reasons for the same. I believe OTT in the coming days will be the platform that will have both real and idealistic stories in synergy,” he says.

Sharing about his future projects, he reveals: “I’m currently doing two television shows and am in talks with a few digital shows. Digital has opened a plethora of opportunities for me at least. So now I do have the choice to pick and choose.”

Rana’s current show “Puncch Beat 2” streams on ALTBalaji.