Russia closes office of German broadcaster

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the closure of the Moscow bureau of German broadcaster Deutsche Welle as the first stage of retaliatory measures following the German regulators move to ban RT DE in Berlin.

In a statement on Thursday, the Ministry said that other measures will include the withdrawal of credentials from all staff members at Deutsche Welle’s Russian bureau and the launch of a process aimed at identifying Germany’s government and public agencies involved in banning RT DE from broadcasting and putting other kinds of pressure on the Russian media outlet, who will eventually be barred from entering Russia, reports TASS News Agency.

Moscow’s measures also include a procedure to consider if Deutsche Welle should be declared a foreign media outlet acting as a foreign agent.

At some point, Russia intends to fully halt Deutsche Welle’s broadcasts in the country, the Ministry added.

Germany’s media regulator announced the ban on RT DE on Wednesday, saying it has “no necessary permission” to operate in the country.




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