Russia disappointed at UNSC for not condemning attack on embassy

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Moscow, Aug 4 (IANS) Moscow is disappointed that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has not condemned the recent attack on the Russian embassy in Syria’s capital of Damascus, which could encourage new terror acts, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

“Unwillingness to show diplomatic solidarity with us should remain on the conscience of these delegations. The most disturbing thing is that the inability of the Security Council to condemn the acts of terrorists encourages them to carry out new provocations and acts of terrorism while making them feel impunity,” the ministry said in a statement, Xinhua reported.

Russia “would not want these barbarians to have the conviction that someone in the Security Council is with them,” it added.

On Wednesday, the Russian embassy in Damascus was hit by mortars, which was the third attack in a month. No casualties were reported.

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The ministry said that the United States, Britain, France and Ukraine, using the pretext of the lack of necessary information, once again rejected Russia’s proposal to adopt a standard short draft of the Security Council condemning terrorist attacks.

It underlined that terrorist acts have to be globally condemned, and that there should be no ambiguity in the assessments of attacks against diplomatic missions.

The Russian embassy in Damascus has been shelled several times since Moscow started to participate in anti-terrorism operations in Syria in September 2015.

Russia has withdrawn most of its troops from the war-torn country. However, it still supports anti-terrorism and humanitarian missions there.



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