Russia seeks to enhance bilateral ties with India

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Moscow, Dec 27 (IANS) Russia has committed to further strengthen its partnership with India in the newly released edition of the Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation.

The new Foreign Policy Concept, approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin, says that Moscow wants to boost ties with New Delhi based on the convergence of foreign policy priorities, historical friendship and deep mutual trust.

Russia sought to enhance bilateral ties with India in all areas, primarily in trade and economy, with a focus on implementing long-term cooperation programmes approved by the two countries.

The doctrine also warns about the threat posed by the Islamic State (IS) and several other terror groups and says that these terror groups aspire to create their own state and seek to consolidate their influence on a territory stretching from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to Pakistan.

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It calls for a creation of a broad international counter-terrorist coalition with a solid legal foundation in order to combat terror.

“The foundation should be based on effective and consistent interstate cooperation without any political considerations or double standards to prevent terrorism and extremism and counter the spread of radical ideas,” says the statement by the Russian Federation.



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