‘Russia will respond to EU hostility, but remains ready for dialogue’


Russia will retaliate against any “unfriendly” moves and hostility from the European Union (EU) but remains ready for an open dialogue based on equality, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“We will not leave unfriendly moves, including attempts to talk from a position of strength and interference in internal affairs, without a response,” Lavrov said at the opening of a conference on Russian-EU relations here on Monday.

He said that while the bloc is mulling anti-Russian moves, initiators of such hostile policies should consider whether they are in line with the EU’s interests, reports Xinhua news agency.

Lavrov criticised the EU for preferring “ungrounded accusations” to “fact-based dialogue”.

Nevertheless, the Minister said that Russia is interested in conversations with the EU.

“We have repeatedly said that we are open for constructive cooperation with the EU that would be based on the principles of equality and mutual respect,” he added.

According to Lavrov, the two sides could work together to counter international terrorism, combat drug trafficking, curb cybercrimes, preserve strategic stability, address climate change, and fight the Covid-19 pandemic.