Russian air force fires at Crimean city, explosions reported

The Russian air force fired at unnamed objects over the Crimean city of Kerch , defending the Ukrainian peninsula occupied by Moscow since 2014.

The port city is the gateway to an 18-km bridge that links Crimea to Russia, dpa news agency reported on Friday.

Ukraine has labelled the bridge, built in 2018, as a legitimate target in its bid to force the Russians out of their lands.

“There is no danger for the city or the bridge,” Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to Crimea’s Russian leaders, said on Telegram.

He did not name what was targeted.

Residents of Kerch reported on social media that two explosions had been heard.

Russia has threatened massive retaliation in the event of an attack on the rail and road bridge.

Traffic on the bridge is running normally, authorities told Russia’s TASS News Agency.




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