Russian armed forces destroy ammunition plant in Kiev

Russia’s forces have destroyed an ammunition plant in Ukraine’s Kiev region, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

“During the night, high-precision air-based missiles destroyed an ammunition factory near Brovary (city) in the Kiev region,” Ministry Spokesman, Igor Konashenkov told a daily briefing on Sunday.

He added that 29 militants, including foreign mercenaries, were eliminated during the rescue of Russian hostages from a mosque in Mariupol city in eastern Ukraine, Xinhua news agency reported.

The Ministry said Russian forces have destroyed 134 aircraft, 249 anti-aircraft missile systems, 470 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,290 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 254 multiple rocket launchers, 992 field artillery and mortars, and 2,166 units of special military vehicles belonging to the Ukrainian forces.




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