Russian, Italian leaders discuss cooperation for sustainable future


Expanding cooperation between European and Russian businesses is the most effective way to achieve sustainable and innovative development goals, agreed the experts of the Verona Eurasian Forum at a visiting session held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on February 10 in Moscow.

The Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona plays a significant role in shaping dialogue to impact society positively through international cooperation.

The visiting session of the Eurasian Forum convened business, political and science experts to identify opportunities for further development of joint action. The participants highlighted that business and economic diplomacy had acquired a decisive influence globally.

One of the most crucial areas of international economic cooperation between Russia and the EU countries remains the energy sector, which has gained greater prominence amid the global fight against climate change. The multilateral joint work in the energy transition is imperative to ensure a reliable and sustainable future.

During the session, the business leaders outlined joint plans and commitment to energy, ecology, and social infrastructure advancements. Russian and Italian experts discussed the recent trends and pivotal issues in the energy transition. Innovative technologies for renewable energy sources, production of green hydrogen, and safe nuclear power were among the key topics around economic and trade cooperation



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