‘Russian plan provocation at Belarus-Ukraine border includes shelling by saboteurs in Ukrainian army uniforms’


The Russian forces are preparing for a provocation at the Belarus-Ukraine border from the territory of Ukraine, as per sources in the Security Service of Ukraine.

Several options are being considered, including a potential shelling of border points by saboteurs wearing Ukrainian army uniforms, missile strikes on Belarusian cities, and blowing up the oil refinery in Mozyr, in Gomel Oblast, the Ukraine Security Service sources said, Ukrainska Pravda reported.

There are also reports that unknown persons in Kherson on buses are urging people through a loudspeaker to take to the streets, allegedly to get free bread.

Henadiy Laguta, Head of Kherson Regional State Administration, on said right now in the city, unidentified people in Kherson are on buses urging people through a loudspeaker to go outside. They do this under the guise of distributing free bread.

“I would like to inform you that the regional and local authorities do not carry out such actions. It could be provocation by the invaders.”

Russian military equipment is in front of the regional state administration building in Kherson, and the railway station and seaport are under the control of the Russians, Ukrainska Pravda reported.



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