Russo brothers say Dhanush could get his own ‘The Gray Man’ spinoff

On Tuesday, May 24, the highly anticipated trailer of ‘The Gray Man’, Russo brothers’ big ticket action entertainer dropped its first trailer.

The Netflix original movie boasts of big names like Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. But for Indian fans the thrill comes from the fact that ‘The Gray Man’ is actor Dhanush’s maiden Hollywood venture. The Tamil super star has a small but important role in the movie.

A few hours after the release of the movie’s trailer, the Russo brothers spoke to fans on their Twitter spaces and hinted that they might think about a ‘Gray Man’ spin-off featuring Dhanush in the lead.

Speaking about Dhanush on the Twitter Spaces chat, Anthony and Joe Russo said, “We are big fans of him. We wrote the character keeping him in mind. You can expect a new film starring his character in the lead soon.”

The two directors are well known globally for the movies they made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) also added a few details about Dhanush’s The two directors–known for their blockbusters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe–also gave some details about Dhanush’s role in The Gray Man. “He plays one of the top assassins of the world and has two major fight blocks in the film. Dhanush has a great camera presence and we loved seeing him perform. “

Even before, the Russo brothers had spoken about the idea of building a franchise around ‘The Gray Man’ along the lines of the cinematic universe of Marvel. Currently, a prequel movie featuring Chris Evans and his character has been announced and there are speculations that if ‘The Gray Man’ is successful multiple spin-offs may happen.

Going by what the Russo brothers said in their chat, if the multiple spin-offs happen, one of them could feature Dhanush in the lead.



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