Ryan Reynolds: Something wonderful about playing a character who’s ‘naive’

Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming sci-fi comedy film ‘Free Guy’ is all set to release theatrically in India on September 17. The Hollywood star has spoken about his character and said that there is something wonderful about playing a character who’s “naive and innocent”.

Reynolds was asked during a global press conference: “Ryan, as far as heroes go, we kind of know and love you as ‘Deadpool’ in recent years. What has it been like stepping into a very different type of hero, this wholesome, blue shirt guy?”

Known for his great sense of humour, Reynolds replied: “Well, um, you know, my-my-my-my default is just pure trash in, you know, on the inside.”

He added: “So, for this, it’s just slightly new for me. Um, I like, I sort of like that guy is, you know, there’s a movie that I love called ‘Being There’ starring Peter Sellers. And that was, like, the first kind of, uh, uh, foothold I had into this character and this world.”

“And, you know, there’s something really wonderful about playing a character who’s kind of naive and innocent, and really like, and I mean, it’s even said in the movie, he’s, in a sense, he’s kind of like, he’s a four-year-old adult.”

The actor, who is married to actress Blake Lively, had fun exploring.

“I think, really fun about exploring, you know, everything with new eyes, which is what this character gets to do, and sort of filtering that through the prism of, you know, comedy and occasionally cynicism, and all sorts of other things,” he said.

“But it’s, uh, I love a playing character who is sort of stepping out of the background into this kind of new, new person,” the actor added.

Directed by Shawn Levy, ‘Free Guy’ will be released in English and Hindi. It also stars Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar and Taika Waititi.