Monday, July 15, 2024

‘S*** happens’ in amusingly philosophical social media post: Kajol

Actress Kajol Devgn has a funny side to her personality on her social media where she amusingly mixes comedy with philosophy.

In her recent Instagram Story, she emphasised on the importance of the word “s***”, calling it the most functional word saying that “s*** happens”.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she wrote a funny and lengthy post emphasising on the functionality of the word ‘s***’.

She wrote: “The most functional English word is s***. That’s right s***!. You can buy s***, smoke s***, find s***, lose s***, tell people to eat s***, get s*** faced. Some people know their s*** and some have brains for s***. There’s crazy s***, horse s***, there’s bulls***, chicken s***, deep s***, the wrong s***, the right s*** & not enough s***.”

She added: “Weird s***, scary s***, up s***’s creek without a paddle, & sometimes everything you touch turns to s***. You could pass this on if you give a s*** or not if you don’t give a s***.

Concluding her amusing yet rather on the point and accurate enough post, she wrote: “Hope you have a s*** free week. But remember, s*** happens.”

The very statement of ‘s*** happens’ is iconic and used in daily jargon under several contexts and scenarios, so Kajol’s own take was pretty accurate.

The ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ actress was most recently seen in the court drama series ‘The Trial: Pyaar Kaanoon Dhokha’, which is an adaptation of creators Robert King and Michelle King’s popular court-drama-political-thriller series ‘The Good Wife’.

She was also seen in the Netflix anthology film ‘Lust Stories 2’ which is a collection of short stories on the topic of love, sex, violence, and relationships.

The actress is currently gearing up for her films ‘Sarzameen’ and ‘Do Patti’, the latter of which is going through the production process.



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