S.Korea, US agree to launch ‘economic security dialogue’

South Korea and the United States agreed Friday to launch a dialogue channel between their presidential offices to coordinate policy on cutting-edge technologies and supply chains, the South’s presidential office said.

The agreement was reached during a phone call between Wang Yun-jong, presidential secretary for economic security, and Tarun Chhabra, senior director for technology and national security on the White House National Security Council, hours ahead of U.S. President Joe Biden’s visit to Seoul, Yonhap news agency reported.

“The two sides plan to coordinate frequently and regularly on economic security issues and response strategies through the newly launched ‘economic security dialogue,'” the presidential office said in a statement.

The launch of the new dialogue channel demonstrates the two sides’ commitment to closely coordinating policy and jointly responding to key issues affecting their “technology alliance,” including semiconductors, secondary batteries, artificial intelligence and the establishment of a supply chain, it said.

The US side expressed hope for a face-to-face meeting at an early date and invited the South Korean team to visit Washington next month, it said.




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