Friday, July 12, 2024

S.Korean Coast Guard apprehends 22 Chinese after illegal entry attempt

The South Korean Coast Guard apprehended 22 Chinese nationals on Tuesday suspected of attempting to illegally enter a western coastal city by boat, officials said.

The group of Chinese nationals, known to be around their 40s, faces charges of attempting to flee after the vessel carrying them illegally docked at a port in Boryeong, 140 km south of Seoul, at 1:53 a.m., Yonhap News Agency quoted the officials as saying.

Coast Guard officials arrived at the scene after being tipped off by military authorities on the unidentified boat approaching waters near the coastal city.

One of the group members had fled the scene by land, but the police later caught the Chinese national in Ansan, 29 km south of Seoul.

Police found the person at an acquaintance’s home and handed the individual over to the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard also gave the vessel a chase, which fled toward China and conducting an investigation into the apprehended Chinese nationals.

“We have so far confirmed that these are all Chinese nationals who departed from China,” a Coast Guard official in Boryeong said.

“We are investigating the exact location of their departure and the details of their illegal entry.”



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