S.Korean President’s disapproval rating again exceeds


South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol’s disapproval rating has again exceeded his approval rating, a new survey revealed on Monday.

The Realmeter survey of 2,515 voters conducted from June 20-24 showed 46.6 per cent of respondents approved of the way Yoon handled state affairs, while 47.7 per cent gave a negative assessment of his performance, reports Yonhap News Agency.

It was the second survey that put the President’s disapproval rating above his approval rating after the first one, conducted by Rnsearch from June 18-21, in which 47.6 per cent positively assessed Yoon’s performance and 47.9 per cent negatively.

Bae Cheol-ho, Realmeter’s senior analyst, attributed the increase of negative evaluation of Yoon’s performance to the recent controversy surrounding the government’s push to strengthen control over police and confusion over the possible revision of 52-hour work week amid the worsening economic situation.

“(Yoon’s) first overseas trip to attend the NATO summit may create a reverse momentum to increase the approval rating,” Bae said.



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