S.Korea’s employment rises 865,000 in April


The number of employed people in South Korea rose 865,000 in April from a year earlier, marking the fastest April growth in 22 years, official data revealed on Wednesday.

The number of those employed totalled 28,078,000 in April, up by 865,000 from the same month of last year, according to Statistics Korea.

It was the fastest April increase in 22 years since 2000, Xinhua news agency reported.

The year-over-year employment growth shrank from 1,135,000 in January to 1,037,000 in February and 831,000 in March, but it slightly rebounded last month.

The number of those unemployed came to 864,000 in April, down by 283,000 from a year earlier.

Jobless rate declined by 1.0 percentage point to 3.0 per cent last month.



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