Saanve Megghana gushes about Telugu director Tharun Bhascker’s storytelling

Budding Southern actress Saanve Megghana says Telugu director Tharun Bhascker is an incredible filmmaker, and an amazing teacher. She adds that she was glad to work with the director in the upcoming Telugu anthology, Pitta Kathalu.

“I’ve always wished to meet Tharun Bhascker, I strongly had the vibe that we’re of the same tribe. I’ve always been fascinated by his storytelling,” Saanve said.

“The best part being, I auditioned for a different role and I feel grateful that he has seen Ramula (her character in the film) in me. I’m also grateful for the opportunity of working with a director I only dreamed of meeting. Just apart from being an incredible filmmaker, he’s an amazing teacher. I’m a newbie who got to learn from the best,” she added.

In the anthology, Saanve plays the lead character in Bhascker’s segment, Ramula, alongside Lakshmi Manchu and Naveen Kumar.

Pitta Kathalu will be released on Netflix on February 19.