Sabarimala temple, K-Rail issues echo at CPI-M party meetings

Issues of Sabrimala temple and the controversial K-Rail are figuring in all the meetings of the ruling CPI-M in Kerala with members questioning the “double standards” of some leaders.

The present president of the Travancore Devasom Board (TDB) is veteran CPI-M leader K. Ananthagopan who was till last month the topmost party leader at Pathanamthitta district where the famed Sabarimala temple is situated.

Without taking the leader’s name it was pointed out that till they such posts, some people do not visit temples but once they are there, they are seen in temples.

Those who took part in the meetings wanted to know if such leaders were fooling the party or are they fooling the devotees.

Last month, Ananthagopan was seen standing before the Sabarimala temple a day before the temple was opened for the two-month long festival season.

Another point of discussion at the meetings is the now controversial K-Rail project as party workers and leaders are failing to give a convincing answer as to why the CPI-M is staunchly opposing a similar high speed rail project in Maharashtra, while Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan party wants the same project to be implemented in Kerala.




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