Sabyasachi High Jewellery at Bergdorf Goodman

New Delhi, Aug 14 (IANSlife) “Bengal’s grand history of handcrafted jewellery almost faded away because of a lack of patronage. I want to bring this legacy back to the world.”­

From Calcutta to New York in historical times. From the fine craftsmanship of Bengal to the gilded Byzantine splendour and the dramatic prowess of Broadway. With influences that veer off the maximalist paths bridging the east and west-a turn of Sicilian baroque with the rustic finery of Harappa, mediaeval goldsmithing merged with sophisticated Georgian techniques, brooding Moorish arches embedded into age-old Mughal crafts-these works have influences from both the east and the west.

A hedonistic intercultural conversation where deconstructed Maharani necklaces are coupled with exquisite hand-printed velvets, enamelled Grecian medallions are matched with exotic charms from the Sundarbans mangroves, and the most exquisite tourmalines are paired with understated turquoises.

Bengal Byzantine Broadway celebrates the exuberant and rebellious, even as we remain grounded in India’s heritage, art and craft. India is not just one story, and neither is Sabyasachi Jewellery.

“For the last two decades I built a heritage fashion brand based on a simple value system. Sabyasachi Jewellery has been built with the same principles- authenticity, integrity, quality and the finest of craftsmanship” said by Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

“As the world hunts more and more for authenticity, I am confident that the next generation of the greatest jewellery designers will come from India. We have a sophisticated history of hand-crafted jewellery that goes back centuries, and I have made a promise to myself to work relentlessly to conserve this legacy and make it relevant again” quoted by Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Featuring the statement gariyal necklace set in gold with brilliant cut, rose cut and uncut diamonds, aquamarines, tourmalines, turquoises and jaspers.

Featuring statement earrings set in gold with brilliant cut, rose cut and uncut diamonds, iolites, rodholites, turquoises, corals, tourmalines and pearls and the statement bangle stack set in gold with multi-coloured gemstones.

Featuring the statement bangle stack, each bangle is set in gold with multi-coloured gemstones.

Featuring the turquoise statement necklace set in gold with brilliant cut and uncut diamonds and apatites.

Featuring a deconstructed Maharani necklace set in gold with uncut diamonds, pearls, quartz, sapphires and tourmalines with a fine velvet tie-clasp.

Featuring the statement ram’s head necklace set in gold with brilliant cut and uncut diamonds, petalites, dalmatians, jaspers, turquoises, opals and tourmalines.(IANSlife can be contacted at




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