Sadie Sink ‘doesn’t know how to apply make-up’

‘Stranger Things’ star Sadie Sink has shared that she’s got no idea how to apply make-up and simply smears on eyeliner and then rubs it off.

Sink said make-up leaves her baffled and she has come up with a bizarre way to apply it herself: “I don’t know how to do makeup. My version of doing make-up, if I ever have to wear it and do it by myself, is that I’ll just literally take eyeliner and rub it everywhere and then try to get it all off.”

However, she does take her skincare seriously and opened up about her favourite products, saying: “I would say The Blue Cocoon facial oil from May Lindstrom Skin. I’ve used it for, like, maybe three years now and I love it. So, I’d have that, some sunscreen and a brow brush. Those are the things I use on a daily basis. ”

The actress, who plays Maxine ‘Max’ Mayfield in the Netflix show, said she doesn’t really go overboard with beauty treatments, but has tried out some strange facials, reports

She added: “I don’t really do anything too outlandish when it comes to beauty. I’ve gotten weird facials before, where you sit in one of those light machines and you feel like you’re in a spaceship. That’s probably as bizarre as it gets for me, but there’s definitely some weird beauty stuff out there.”

However, there’s one vice she wants to quit – biting her nails.

Sink went on: “I bite my nails a lot! The ones I’m wearing right now are not real and I want to take them off really badly. But I guess that’s probably my worst habit – I’m pretty good with everything else.”




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