Sadiya Siddiqui: My role in ‘Barrister Babu’ is very different from how I am in life

Actress Sadiya Siddiqui is back on the soap trail, and this time the deal would seem challenging because she portrays a person who has a radically different thought process than her.

Sadiya is set to enter the popular show “Barrister Babu” as Thakuma. The word literally translates to grandmother in Bangla, and Sadiya here plays the younger sibling of protagonist Bondita’s (Aurra Bhatnagar) grandfather.

Thakuma is a woman dictated by a regressive mindset and conservative notions that don’t encourage the equality of genders.

“I am delighted to be a part of ‘Barrister Babu’. Playing Thakuma has been quite challenging since she is very different from how I am and I think in real life. She is regressive, believes in following the old and dusted social norms. She loves Bondita but wants her to have a misogynistic approach in life. Thakuma is bound by her old belief system and she does not believe in man-woman equality,” said Sadiya.

Thakuma’s entry is meant to set off a series of dramatic incidents in the storyline as, following a chain of events, she tries making Bondita and her husband Anirudh’s lives miserable on the Colors show.