Safety features of luxury cars can sometimes turn life-threatening

It is widely believed that luxury cars are equipped with the best safety features which can make the difference between life and death in case of accidents. However, such safety features may sometimes act as a bane and turn life-threatening.

In recent times, many such incidents have come to the fore where luxury cars have been involved in accidents and their safety features have harmed their drivers in some way or the other.

In the last recorded accident of such manner, Anuj Sherawat, who worked as a senior manager in Action Construction Equipment (ACE) company met with an accident on January 31, when he was on his way back home situated in Sector 168 of Noida in his Mercedes car.

The accident took place near Eldeco crossroads, wherein the victim lost control of his car and it collided with a divider and a tree.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP), Central Noida, Vishal Pandey said that the car caught fire shortly after the collision and the victim could not escape as the vehicle’s doors got locked automatically.

People present on the spot said that the victim tried to get out of the car for about fifteen minutes before succumbing to death.

As per the police, the process of retrieving the body after the fire was extinguished took more than an hour.

Such incidents of fire in premium cars like Mercedes are surprising. Experts said that such cars are equipped with several great safety features, although plastic, foam, electrical wires and fabric are used in their making.

Experts said that there is always a possibility of fuel leakage after a head-on collision and a risk of engine or battery fire due to excessive heat.

They advised that one should always keep a sharp object inside the vehicle as a precautionary step to save themselves in such a situation.

The sharp object can be used to break the car’s windows and escape if one is trapped inside.

ADCP Dwivedi told IANS that overspeeding and intoxication are the two major reasons behind such accidents.

He said that merely possessing a car with safety features is not enough to protect one’s life.

Dwivedi said that the safety features equipped in a car, whether it’s luxury or normal, will not be of much use if the vehicle is being driven at a speed higher than its fixed limit.

He added that being intoxicated while driving makes a person involved in the accident incapable of thinking in the best interest of their safety.

Experts said that it is often seen that owners get their cars fixed by a local mechanic instead of getting them serviced by the authorised dealers.

Adding that, small mistakes on the local mechanic’s part end up becoming a reason for such vehicles catching fire.

Experts added that many times, small wires in the vehicles stick together due to an increase in temperature and such intricacies should be always taken care of during the servicing of the vehicle.

The experts advised that luxury vehicles should be checked by the authorised dealers or in the showrooms only.




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