Salman Khan: “I have not got any letter; I have no enmity with anyone”

A few days ago, media was in an uproar when it was reported that Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan received a threat letter which was allegedly from gangster Lawrence Bishnoi who is currently serving a jail term in Tihar Jail.

In the letter which was allegedly addressed to Salman as well as Salim Khan it was written that these two would also face the same fate as Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala who was shot dead by assailants last week in Punjab.

Canadian gangster, Goldy Brar has reportedly claimed responsibility for the murder. He did so via a Facebook post.

Since the threat note was delivered to Salim Khan, who immediately filed an FIR with Mumbai Police, Salman Khan’s security was beefed up. It has now been reported that Salman Khan has given his statement to the police who are currently investigating the matter.

As per India Today TV, in his statement to the police, Salman has reportedly said, “I have not got this letter. My father got this letter while on a morning walk. I have no recent enmity with anyone. I don’t have any solid reasons to doubt anyone. I have not had any dispute with anyone recently. No threat call or message has come.”

As per the news report, the threat letter delivered to Salim Khan read, “Salim Khan Salman Khan bahut jald aapka Moose Wala hoga (Salim Khan Salman Khan, soon you also will be like Moose Wala)”

Salim Khan is said to have found this letter on the bench in which he sits everyday after his morning jog.

This threat note allegedly carried the initials L.B. and G.B. It is speculated that L.B. stands for Lawrence Bishnoi and G.B. stands for Goldy Brar. But there is no confirmation on whether these two gangsters are the one who are actually behind this threat note.

A while ago Lawrence Bishnoi had levelled a death threat to Salman Khan in connection to his black buck poaching case. However, news reports have stated that Lawrence Bishnoi, when investigated had denied all responsibility and claims to have no involvement in this threat note sent to Salman Khan.

Police investigation is underway and they are combing through CCTV footage and interrogating anyone connected to the actor to get more leads.



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