Thursday, July 18, 2024

Saloon owner stabs self multiple times with a scissor; critical

A saloon owner allegedly stabbed himself in abdomen with a scissor at Nayapalli area in Bhubaneswar.

The injured person has been identified as Dandadhar Barik, an inhabitant of Dhenkanal, who owns a salon in IRC Village.

According to police, Dandadhar stabbed himself in abdomen with a scissor after attending to a customer on Wednesday morning.

Another customer found him lying with a pool of blood inside his shop.

After the eyewitness customer informed the nearby shopkeepers, they reached the salon and rushed Barik to a private hospital where he underwent a surgery, the police said.

A police official said that Barik is suffering from mental ailments that may be due to family dispute or any other reason.

Though the police examined Barik’s mobile phone, they could not find anything related to blackmail or any cyber fraud, the cop said.

Barik’s health condition is still critical.



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