Sameera Reddy: Grateful to have my energy back post Covid

Actress Sameera Reddy took to Instagram on Friday to express that she feels grateful to have her energy back after recovering from Covid-19. This comes at a time when physical weakness is counted among the symptoms people show even after recovering from the virus.

Sameera shared a video where she can be seen playing badminton and encouraging netizens to work out daily, to stay fit and energetic.

“MIND vs MOOD When you are working out and have a goal to reach. You will have flab and jiggles. You will have moments of ‘can I really get there?’ Days of wanting to not get out of bed. But you CAN ! It’s a choice ! YOUR choice and ONLY YOU CAN DO IT! I’m 87.5 kg and moving ! Hoping to start my intermittent fasting soon. I’m so so grateful to have my energy back post COVID. I will not give up #fitnessfriday #fitnessmotivation #letsdothis,” she wrote.

Sameera recently wrote about gaining weight: “I’ve decided I won’t let the pandemic get the best of me like it did last year. I put on so much weight stress eating thru 2020 and just neglected myself. I refuse to let COVID throw me off my fitness Friday goals. This week I had to work on post COVID exhaustion. I finally feel all the effort i am taking is paying off and I’m feeling a bit energetic. I’m 88 kgs. And able to play my badminton again.”