Samsung forms new team to make its own chips

Samsung’s Mobile Experience (MX) Business has formed a completely new team for designing and developing its own chipsets, media reports said.

The company has formed an application processor (AP) solution development team within the business.

According to TheElec, the team will be led by Executive Vice President Choi Won-joon, who was also named the head of MX Development during Samsung’s annual reorganisation earlier this month.

A similar position already exists with Samsung System LSI, which designs logic chips such as Exynos, which MX uses in its Galaxy phones.

According to sources, the MX Business is forming its own identical team either to optimise these Exynos chips for its Galaxy line or, more likely, to entirely develop its own processors in the future, said the report.

In 2016, Choi joined Samsung’s mobile business from Qualcomm and is known as a wireless chipset expert.

The AP is the smartphone’s most important component, handling data communication and calculation, according to the report.

Samsung’s MX Business relies on a variety of suppliers for these, including Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Samsung System LSI.

Typically, Samsung releases two versions of its flagship smartphones, one with an Exynos chipset and the other with a Qualcomm SoC.

In the past, Qualcomm chipset-powered models were said to have faster performance, better thermals, higher power efficiency, and longer battery life than Exynos-powered models.




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