Thursday, July 18, 2024

Samsung Health beta app includes smart ring support

Tech giant Samsung has released a new beta
version of its Health application, which revealed that the company could
launch a smart ring ‘Galaxy Ring’.

According to a Reddit user, the latest Samsung Health beta app, version, includes a “Feature List” that mentions “Ring Support,” reports

However, the list does not provide any additional details of this feature.

It is also possible that “Ring Support” is included in the latest Health
beta app because the tech giant might want to add support for smart rings
made by other companies.

Or, the company might be planning to do both, release the Galaxy Ring and
bring support for third-party rings on the Health platform, the report said.

In February, it was reported that Samsung was working on Galaxy Ring for
health tracking.

The company was granted the Galaxy Ring trademark by Korea Intellectual
Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS).

The Galaxy Ring classifications explained the product as a “smart device
for measuring health indicators and/or sleep in the form of [a] ring.”

The Galaxy Ring will likely monitor the wearer’s health and physical
activities similar to a smartwatch.



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