Sanah Kapur opens up on her short film ‘Blue Cupboard’

Actress Sanah Kapur, best known for films like ‘Shaandaar’ and ‘Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi’, will be seen next in a short film titled ‘Blue Cupboard’ alongside ‘Mumbai Diaries 26/11’ actor Akshay Anand Kohli.

Sanah gets candid about her role in the film and says: “I personate the character of Ashima and it’s very interesting story of a complex married relationship. When I did this short film, I wasn’t married so for me it was completely new, which I had no experience in. ”

“But by observing the people around and just noticing such people and their life helped me. That’s how I kind of started to relate with the character and that’s what my journey was with it.”

Giving insight about the short film she tells: “Sometimes we get so busy in our life that we get immersed in the thought of what we believe is important versus what may actually be important in reality.”

“In today’s fast paced society, we want to achieve things quickly but in that process we forget to live those beautiful moments that are actually important. So that’s what this film is trying to say that take a break and feel the moment because sometimes you might miss out those things.”

Talking about what prompted her to take up the role she shares: “So the director Keith narrated me the story, the thing that captured me towards the script was the moments of a relationship that this particular project was talking about.”

“It’s a very interesting story about certain moments in a modern relationship or any relationship between two people where certain things that define your coming years in a relationship. So that’s what attracted me to create that moment where you see these two people go a certain way in their relationship and the reasons around it,” she concludes.

Helmed by director Keith Keny and produced by Rahul Datta and Pallak S. Mehtaa of Colourblind Entertainment, it is streaming on Open Theatre platform.




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