Sandeep S Sharma says he connects with his character in ‘Swaran Ghar’

Actor Sandeep Sharma, who currently essays the role of Nakul Bedi in the TV show ‘Swaran Ghar’, that stars Sangeeta Gosh, is fond of his on-screen character.

He says: “Nakul is my favorite character in ‘Swaran Ghar’, I just love being Nakul on-screen, the shades, moods, and characteristics he is carrying with is just amazing. I personally feel connected with Nakul, while acting I realised that I have used the same dialogues at times in my real life.”

“As an actor I always seek a character with scope to enhance my acting skills, a character with variations, carrying many moods and unpredictability, I am grateful to have the opportunity to play Nakul,” he adds.

The actor continues saying that anyone can easily relate to the character.

He shares: “Nakul is a sweet guy, but he has to deal with many circumstances. He shares a beautiful bond between his mother but somehow he is stuck in the conspiracy of his wife, his mother-in-law and brother. In the story, he has his own family to protect, he came back to India for his father’s funeral, he lost his job, he is dealing with financial and social challenges.”

“He wants peace but problems are not letting him live peacefully. and this is what happens in the lives of many people. So, there is a connection between my role and many watching it.”




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