Sanjana Sanghi: Covid has an impact on pets


Actress Sanjana Sanghi, who is a pet-lover and has five pet dogs, says Covid has affected pets as they don’t have the freedom to play freely outdoors.

“Covid has definitely had an impact on all pets, just like all of us feel cooped up and constrained, them, even more so. The trick really is to optimise whatever space we do have and come up with new games and tricks to have them move around within our homes as much as possible,” she told IANS.

The “Dil Bechara” actress often posts pictures with her dogs on social media.

Five dogs are a big responsibility and what helped was that everyone in her house is a dog lover, says Sanjana.

“Luckily, when it came to having dogs, whether five or more, it needed no convincing. I belong to a family of complete dog lovers. My five, are of different age groups and different breeds, so while it’s a circus managing their respective meals, their walks,” she says.

However, she adds that it is worth it.

“It’s unreal to experience the joy they bring to our lives. They’re all equally competitive and territorial about our love, and all of us in the family compete to be their favourites,” she says.

They have taught her a lot, says Sanjana.

“Taking care of them and nurturing them helps me calm down, understand the importance of giving, and just makes me feel so much more alive. I just straight up can’t imagine life without them,” she says.