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Sapna Sikarwar opens up on her role Kashmira in “May I Come In Madam”

Actor Sapna Sikarwar, who plays Kashmira in the sitcom “May I Come In Madam”, delved into the depths of her role, calling it relatable because her characteristics are very similar.

A character that resonates with countless housewives, Kashmira embodies a relatability that tugs at the heartstrings of many.

Speaking about her character, Sapna shared: “My character is relatable to each housewife because her characteristics are very similar. Kashmira is a simple, loving housewife who craves compliments from her husband and desires to spend quality time together.”

“However, she also grapples with doubts due to her husband’s mischievous behavior—a tale that mirrors the experiences of numerous husbands and wives. This lends the show an air of relatability presented in a light, comic manner, which is highly entertaining for the audience,” she added.

“May I Come In Madam” has captivated audiences with its witty humor and endearing characters. Sapna’s portrayal of Kashmira adds a charming and authentic dimension to the storyline, ensuring viewers are in for a delightful and relatable experience.

The show is produced by Sanjay and Binaifer Kohli. The makers have launched new episodes of the show, featuring the talented trio of Sandeep Anand, Nehha Pendse, and Sapna reprising their lead roles. Nehha plays the character of Madam Sanjana.

It airs on Star Bharat.



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