Sarah Jane Dias tries to make lockdown healthier for fans

Actress-model Sarah Jane Dias is trying to help her social media followers adapt to a healthier lifestyle during lockdown. She has started sharing her workout videos and immunity boosting diet tips.

“The most important thing to do right now is to stay home and stay safe and in order to make sure that we are strong enough to deal with the crisis all around us and for some at our homes, we need to take as good care of our minds and our bodies as we can. Thus, I try to share whatever I incorporate in my own life to maintain my mental and physical health to all my followers on social media so they feel that they are not alone in this,” Sarah told IANS.

“The current situation is out of our hands and the best we could do is stay indoors and try to work on our immunity. Diet is extremely important when it comes to immunity and health and also the right frame of mind. We need to put the right fuel into the body and also maintain the right frame of mind in order to be strong to fight this difficult time, ” she said.

“Our bodies are designed to move and thus I am sharing home workouts which are fir beginners and can be done very easily in a small space. I send my wishes, prayers and love to everyone out there. We need to stay strong and this too shall pass,” she added.