Satyajeet Dubey completes decade ‘of rewards but also a lot of setbacks’

Actor Satyajeet Dubey has completed 10 years in the Hindi film industry. He says he looks back at his decade with satisfaction, though there have also been setbacks and disappointments.

Satyajeet started his acting career with “Always Kabhi Kabhi” that was produced by Shah Rukh Khan. The film was directed by Roshan Abbas.

The actor said: “On 17 June 2011 my debut ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’ released and it’s been quite a ride so far. Grateful to the core for everything and far away from even an ounce of satisfaction. The unquenchable thirst, the insatiable hunger for what I do to feed my heart and soul and fortunately also for my living keeps on growing by every passing day.”

He added: “No one tells a young actor that not everything will work out. When you’re younger you have this belief everything will go well. But then an industry like ours makes us realise that it isn’t always that way.”

“Not every two actors will have same experiences. I have faced a decade of gratifications, rewards, but also a lot of setbacks and disappointments,” he said.

“It’s now after a decade I finally feel like I’m getting the work I truly have always craved for. Not discrediting the work I have done so far, but now I feel it’s all coming together. I have two major series lined up, something that took long but has happened finally. So, I guess patience is really a virtue you need to master here,” he said.

Satyajeet believes working on a show like “Mumbai Diaries” made him realise he was glad that he stuck around, made peace with all the rejections. “Now it seems like it’s paying off,” he concluded.