Saurabh Agarwal: I’ve never limited myself with a certain type of role

For Saurabh Agarwal work is work and being an actor he prefers performance-oriented parts, and can’t do roles that feel “like a furniture – somewhere standing behind” in the narrative. The actor is therefore particular about what he takes up. He is happy with his last show ‘Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha’.

“Initially, I felt I’m not doing the things good enough where I knew I could do even better. So somewhere I had a few doubts and questions regarding the script and my character but that’s okay, I’m happy that I got this chance. All’s well that ends well, as the end track was all about my character Vipul Rawal,” he says.

“Every show is a learning experience for me, as you tend to work with new actors and new directors. And to say everyone has their own way of working and exploring the craft. The fact that the team is loving and supportive helps,” he adds.

The show is going off air today. “Obviously it feels bad. It came as a shock to all of us because we thought now that we have got a 5.30 slot we might have got another one-year extension but then one day Aamir Jaffer sir came on the set and broke this news, and we were all dumbstruck,” he shares.

About the kind of roles he is looking forward to, Saurabh adds: “I am an extremely passionate and dedicated actor. I don’t let go of my character so easily. I try working on my role endlessly, and I treat my work like my last breath. So for me, any project that has a similar kind of intensity and passion suits my genre.”

Commenting on the content on TV, he says, “We need to do much more, open up, experiment and try new things. I really thought that TV should change with a bang post the Pakistani shows, which we all went mad about. But alas! I was even part of Zee Zindagi when it got launched with their Hindi genre. In the time of OTT, which is like a boon for actors like us, TV needs to buck up; I have worked on 4-5 OTT platforms, so I am saying this from experience. There’s more scope for actors there than any other medium right now.”