Saurabh Sachdeva on over-the-top pitching of his ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’ character


Actor Saurabh Sachdeva, who is best remembered for his role of Suleiman Isa in the crime thriller ‘Sacred Games’, pitched his ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’ character a note above to lend an over-the-top feel to it.

He mentions that he took the liberty with his character and a big part of his performance is shaped by the on-set improvisations.

Saurabh, who is also an acting coach, speaks about creating the ’70s era, “Definitely, I didn’t restrict myself to make it realistic but I made sure to deliver a bit over the top and louder (in a right language) than other characters. That is what I took the liberty for and essayed Jagmohan. Also my director Pushpdeep liked it saying that it’s in contrast with the other characters. This was something new from what I have done in my previous work.”

Talking about his role he says, “I didn’t have any references and my director Pushpdeep told me that we are creating a persona who is a producer of that time so you can bring your own spice to it. Whilst reading the lines, I felt that he is rich and flamboyant. The colourful costumes made a clear image of the character in my mind and I initiated playing all out.”

He further adds, “It’s all about the costume and set which recreated the ’70s world, giving all the vibes indulging in that world. I didn’t do any research, unlike other projects I did the major work on set for this show. It was more of an impulsive approach to this character and not very intellectual.”

Sharing about his working experience in the series he says, “They all were very open to receive and my director was amazingly energetic and positive. Also Amala did a great job and she provided me with a comfortable space. She was friendly to me which helped to build up the scenes with her.”

Recalling the most memorable scene from the set he says, “There was a party scene where I was a little conscious on how to pull this off. Then I went on the stage and took the mic to deflate the protagonist. I really enjoyed that moment because I didn’t think that I would pull it off so well because I’m quite shy on stage. Definitely one moment where I was on the stage and giving a performance and the director was happy with my performance.”



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