Jaipur, April 22 (IANS) To safeguard health workers and doctors in their fight against COVID-19 pandemic, an Udaipur-based young architect has designed a ‘Sample Collection Unit’ based on South Korean model for creating quick and effective temporary collection centres for throat and nose swabs.

The sample collection centre has been approved by Neuberg Supratech Lab, accredited for COVID-19 test.

Speaking to media on an interactive portal, Anup Gupte, B. Arch and PG-Design Alumni of National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, said the unit can save and protect health workers and doctors collecting the samples as well as the people coming for testing from catching infection. Also, it reduces the PPE consumption and saves time of health personnel, expediting the process of testing.

The design envisions creating a temporary sample collection facility in a 40ft X 40ft areas by setting up three booths in a phone booth model.

“The doctor has minimum chances of getting affected in this model as he stays away in isolation, on the opposite side and at a distance from people being tested in three booths created on other side”, says Gupte.

The setting up of one complete unit costs Rs 2.5 lakh, he said.

Speaking on the process, Gupte said, “As soon as a doctor collects a sample, this first booth is immediately disinfected and the kit is replaced. As this booth undergoes disinfection, the next person in queue for testing can enter the second booth and so on. Reducing the inter-contamination of people being tested, it also enhances the testing process and reduces the number of PPE kit requirements.

“There is a need to design our infrastructure effectively to win the war against this invisible enemy”, he said.

While South Korean doctors have been using it successfully, no Indian company, has designed it so far, he said, adding that South Korea quickened the testing using the same model.

Gupte has sent a proposal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rajasthan Chief Minister and district collectors apprising them that a few manufacturing units are ready to build the booths free of cost.

This design model has been approved with a certificate by Neuberg Supratech Micropath Laboratory, a CAP and NABL accredited institute in Ahmedabad.

“It is a secure and protective COVID sample collection unit. It is systematic in design and does rule out the possibility of personnel involved in the collection of case samples to be completely isolated from the possibility of catching the highly contagious virus. At the same time, it prevents cross-contamination to the cases coming in to give the samples,” says the certification.

The model will reduce the PPE consumption which is already short in supply and will also save time of health workers in wearing and taking off these PPE kits, will avoid collection centres to become transmission hotspots, will increase the number of persons getting tested and reduce the time required to sanitise sample collection areas, Gupte said.




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