Sawant imitating Kejriwal govt’s policies: AAP spokesperson

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Goa on Saturday accused Chief Minister Pramod Sawant of copying the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government’s doorstep delivery of government services module in the coastal state, with its ‘Sarkar Aaplya Daari’ outreach programme.

“The concept of ‘Sarkaar Aaplya Daari’ (government at your doorstep) has been copied from Delhi government’s doorstep delivery of government services. But it is a parody of the AAP concept which has been implemented in Delhi,” Goa AAP spokesperson Valmiki Naik told a press conference in Panaji.

The ‘Sarkaar Aaplya Daari’ concept involves holding of government functions in various sub districts, where grievances as well as applications for government services are acted upon on-the-spot by government officials accompanying the Chief Minister and top bureaucrats.

Naik also accused the BJP of politicising the government outreach programme which was introduced just months before the 2022 state assembly elections.

“The programme actually underlines the failure of the Goa government for the last 10 years. Government machinery is being used to promote the BJP with these outreach meetings,” Naik said.

“Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has a habit of imitating the AAP government policies, but he does not have the intelligence to even copy them right,” Naik said.