Facebook has announced that it is adding an optional “Hey Facebook” wake word to Oculus Quest 2, making it easier to access voice commands.

The company said that it plans to roll out the feature to all Quest devices in the future.

“Our goal is to make voice commands a truly hands-free experience — and make it easier to take screenshots, cast, group up with your friends and more,” Oculus said in a blogpost on Thursday.

Users can find and enable the wake word via our Experimental Features settings — and then say “Hey Facebook, take a screenshot,” “Hey Facebook, show me who’s online,” “Hey Facebook, open Supernatural,” or any of our other voice commands to get started.

“Hey Facebook” is a strictly opt-in experience. Users can still use voice commands without the wake word, via the existing button in the Home menu or by double pressing the Oculus controller button, the company said.

And opting in isn’t a permanent decision either. Users can easily turn off “Hey Facebook” in the same Experimental Features panel, it added.

Users also have control over whether their voice commands are stored and potentially used to make the feature better.

You can easily view, hear, and delete your voice commands activity at any time or even turn off voice storage in your settings, while still taking advantage of the Voice Commands feature, the company said.