Schools can’t keep up with Toronto’s condo boom

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With condos across Toronto going up seemingly overnight, neighborhoods which until recently had fewer residents and definitely fewer young families with children, schools are bursting at the seams and authorities are warning parents moving into some neighborhoods that they cannot guarantee their children will go to their home school and may be bused elsewhere.

This is especially evident in Toronto’s east end in places such as Leslieville that has seen condos mushrooming in the past couple of years.

A TDSB spokesman says the board has placed signs on the street level warning potential home buyers that a spot in a home school isn’t guaranteed, and similar warnings are also included in the home buyer’s agreement. Currently there are about 110 new developments in Toronto with such warnings. Leslieville is one of them.

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While condos can come up quickly, getting a new school up and running can take years and it is evident that authorities have been caught off-guard by these new developments.

As the cost of real estate keeps young families from suburban neighborhoods, it is clear that condos will be the new frontier. Not so long ago, condos were preferred for single people or couples with no kids. Once kids arrived, couples tended to move further into surburbia. Now that is changing and many millennials are coming around to embracing city condos as places they can raise kids. This means cities in the GTA will have to factor this new thinking and expand schools in areas with condo clusters. – CINEWS

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