Scores of lawyers march to SC to protest ‘atrocities’ on them


Scores of lawyers took to streets on Friday to protest against alleged atrocities against them and to seek protection by invocation of Article 142 of the Constitution.

More than 200 lawyers, donning black coats and holding placards, marched from the Delhi High Court to the Supreme Court to register their protest.

Huge placards read “Save the bar, save the Constitution”, “Attack on lawyers is attack on justice” and “We request advocates’ protection under Article 142”.

Speaking to IANS, Advocate Mehmood Pracha, whose office was raided by the Delhi police in December last year, contended that the lawyers have relevant demands which should be heard.

“There should be a Advocates’ Protection Act. We have requested Supreme Court to bring certain guidelines immediately because it has power to do so under Article 142 of the Constitution,” he said.

He said that the apex court can also direct the government to enact certain legislation. “Article 142 can be used to lay down framework for those laws, like done in Vishakha Guidelines.”

Paracha emphasized that in the absence of this, legal practice is becoming absolutely impossible and lawyers are not free to practice their profession without any fear and pressure.

“The entire justice system and constitutional democracy will collapse. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that advocates’ protection is ensured,” Pracha added.