Comedian, singer and writer Kenny Sebastian has been making headlines lately. He started trending on Twitter after screenshots of him allegedly abusing people went viral. Once the screenshots landed on Twitter #KennySebastianGetPregnant started trending online.

Quite a few videos and images showed that the obscene comments were posted by a verified account with the handle kennethseb. A Twitter account called Perpendicular shared one of the screenshots and it went viral, garnering over 60k views.

However, Kenny addressed the issue and maintained that the screenshots were fake. He also added that he will be approaching the Mumbai Police for further investigation. Kenny tweeted, “So some fake screenshots of me are circulating where I appear to be abusing people. These are manipulated cause I reported an account who was attacking me cause of my religion.I will be approaching the @MumbaiPolice to get this investigated. Please don’t pay heed to any of these (sic).”

This began when Kenny expressed his views on the TikTok ban on July 1. He had tweeted, “Tik tok situation: People forget that if they can do it to someone else they can do it to you. Also applies to arrests, internet access, rights as a citizen & yeah banning something on the App Store. Feeling apathy cause it doesn’t affect you directly is prehistoric behaviour (sic).”
Since then he started receiving a lot of backlash for his comments.

A lot of people even tagged the Twitter account of National Commission for Women India in the comments section.
The tweet came under the radar of the account and they too responded to it saying that further investigations will be done.


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